Red Sails

Red Sails is a documentary which explores through interviews and archive footage, the influence of the Thames Sailing Barge in the development of trade, and its contribution to the building of Victorian London. It also looks in detail at the craftsmen and their trades, which made the Thames barge so unique. A few have become barge yachts for chartering, but the Thames barge lives on through the recent restoration of one of the most famous: the Cambria.

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Michael Maloney interviewed on BRFM by Daniel Nash on Monday 21st Nov 2011 intheboatshed: Red Sails DVD is a cracker… get it for Christmas! Review of 'Red Sails' by Robert Simper


Many congratulations on the magnificent film. I think the applause at the end expressed everybody’s sentiment.
William Collard – Project Manager, Cambria Trust

Big thanks to Michael Maloney. A superb film. Well done.
Matt Care

Bob and I –and many other people I talked to afterwards – thoroughly enjoyed ‘Red Sails’. It was well researched, beautifully filmed and put together. The film is a valuable contribution to the understanding of the Thames Barge.
Lena Reekie

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The Film

Public Screening – Royal Cinema, Faversham – 7th December 2011

The Private View – Arden Theatre, Faversham – 7th November 2011


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