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Apprenticeship Comments

The film clearly shows the advantages of an apprenticeship system in most industries, crafts and professions. The opportunity of "earning whilst learning" is one which increasing numbers of youngsters are keen to grasp.
I do hope that some of the professions such as Accountancy, Nursing and the Law, which some years ago opted for a "graduate only" entry system will begin to see that those decisions deserve to be reconsidered.

Richard Murr - Solicitor

Apprenticeship Comments

The film put the message across very well, and covered all the key issues in a well-balanced way. Seeing it through the perspective of the apprentices themselves was very effective. The film respected them and didn't talk down to them. They were natural and genuine - it was obvious they were speaking in their own words and not from a script. They were a great advertisement for apprenticeships, they were confident and enthusiastic and spoke well, which may confound those who imagine that non-academic teenagers can only grunt and say 'like' after every other word. The benefits of apprenticeships, and the missed opportunities to promote them in schools and careers advice services, came across strongly.

Hilary Whelan - Writer

Apprenticeship Comments

Excellent film that highlights areas of apprenticeships that is not commonly known, and tried to change the perception that it is all to do with physical crafts. The UK Ltd can only thrive on its exports being greater than it imports; if we cannot compete on price against the far east, we can compete on the quality of our skill base, and that means that passing on those skills.
This film should have a much wider exposure, especially to education authorities, schools and parent groups, because it shows how young people can find a way to get on the job ladder, build their confidence and know that they are being successful.

Robert Telford

Apprenticeship Comments

Well done for showcasing the benefits and values of apprenticship. It is a very important subject, educating and training the next generation.

Nathalie Banaigs - Kent Creative Arts

Apprenticeship Comments

This is a timely and important film. The people who are featured are brilliant spokesmen for the cause of apprenticeships. The case is made not only for traditional crafts but for modern technologies and management skills. It would interest young people - should be show in every secondary school! - and also to employers, families and decisions-makers.
Our leaders in the UK have over many decades taken us down a fruitless path (chasing university qualifications), and we simply have to get back to proper hands-on training for most of our school-leavers, and give them and our whole country a sound future.

Griselda Mussett - Business owner

Apprenticeship Comments

The film raised the profile of apprentices and the benefits to the individuals in a very engaging way.
I see the main users to be Schools Careers Advisors, but also Advisors in Employment offices. The film is an excellent educational resource to arouse awareness in young prospective apprentices, and would be applicable all over the UK.
I think the film provides a convincing case for young people to consider something which helps them to learn life skills, be they personal skills or more technical or craft skills. Altogether an entertaining and effective film. ****

Mike Palmer

Apprenticeship Comments

It's a beautifully made film that makes the point well. It seems to me that the message is one that applies at the national level, and it could usefully be shown at the Department for Education in Whitehall. How about getting our prospective MP Helen Whately to see it and get her to push it in the corridors of power.

Chris Wright -Faversham Creek Trust

Apprenticeship Comments

I thought it was interesting to talk to the lads from the coach works, especially regarding advice given when at school! With any luck this film may put an end to that sort of attitude!!
I did think that the female stone mason summed it up so well, about leaving uni with the same degree as a thousand others!!!

Alan Staley - Boatbuilder

Apprenticeship Comments

I've just watched the video again, and each time I view it the more I like it!. The way the stone mason tutor explains from an employers point of view is perfect. She tells the audience exactly how it will be as an apprentice, gold dust!
All I can say is 'Bravo' the way you've inter grated the use of 'Real' apprentices, 'Exquisite' involving professionals that are almost Transparent, you can literally see what they are thinking of our next generation, They truly believe as We do that apprenticeships are one of the best ways to change someone's life, because if you can find what a young adult wants to truly be, mechanic, hair dresser, Pilot....... There is an Apprenticeship framework for that role. If there isn't we can create one! This video is one of, no it is the best video's I've ever seen.

Peter Stone AELP FSE - Managing Director (VDM), Apprenticeships Life, the network of Opportunity